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Introduction to Pattern Cutting and Design

This course will introduce you to the exciting world of pattern cutting and design and will also provide the foundations from which to practise and develop your pattern making skills. This 4-session-course will be taught once a week over one month.


Learn basic pattern cutting skills, focusing on transferring a basic design to pattern format. Learners will be taught to transfer design information onto pattern paper, rapidly gaining the foundation skills to construct a simple garment.

Learning outcomes

  • The basic rules of cutting garment components i.e waistband, collar.
  • How to label the patterns, using pattern terminology.
  • How to transfer measuraments into the pattern.
  • Learn how to use specialist pattern making tools and equipment.
  • How to cut a pattern onto cloth.


This course is suitable for beginners. Learners will be introduced to design and pattern cutting. You should have an interest in the subject area, basic sewing skills (not essential) and a desire to learn but no previous experience is required. Material and tools will be provided for this course, although learners are welcome to bring their own equipment.


This course will be taught at Ravensbourne, next to 02 building.


Thursday 20 April 2017 to Thursday 11 April 2017

18:00 - 21:00

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