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DIY Typography Workshop

Basic typography techniques

DIY Typography Workshop

10.00 - 15.30


Typography is a fundamental part of graphic design, however approaching typography in a DIY, low-fi and hand made way can seem intimidating at first. Handmade and hand lettered typography has seen a strong resurgence in the past few years, offering personality, charm and depth to work. This workshop helps explore different ideas and treatments to letterforms with a variety of exercises. Including hand lettering which will helping learners in idea generation, development and refinement in crafting a hand lettered word. As well as the chance to create a DIY modular typeface, a series of individual square to build your own letterforms.


This is ideal as an introduction to hand lettering and type, in order to get a better idea how this could be used in design work. Equally intermediate level learner could attend and utilise this workshop to develop their lettering style and exercises to further their design practice.

Brief Lesson Overview

  • Intro to course, admin etc.
  • Intro to type, what is typography, handlettering, how to do you own?
  • Hand lettering exercise: getting the comfortable with drawing.
  • Break
  • Building your own modular typeface
  • Creating a piece of lettering which merges both modular and hand lettered type.
  • Review
  • End



After the workshop you will have a better understanding lettering and how it generate initial ideas and refine work. You will have an idea in how hand lettering can be used in design work and translated into logos and other forms of visual communication. 

This opportunity can be used to enhance your skills in development and preparation towards subsequent education and/or employment, if you are starting your own business or already run your own business, or alternatively as an enjoyable way to engage with new people and new ideas.


Minimum IT skills required to commence the course.

Basic computer skills.

No experience required but YOU NEED TO BE AGED 19 + to study with us.

Course start dates

Sat 10 Nov 2018


10:00 -15:30 

Course end dates

Sat 10 Nov 2018

No of course weeks running

Runs on Saturday for 1 week only

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