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Mission, vision & values

Futures in the making


Our ambition is to shape the creative leaders of the future, promoting in them an instinct for innovation that is cultivated from collaborative creativity.


Technology is integral to Ravensbourne’s DNA. As the only independent higher education institution with a longstanding specialism in Design, Media, Communication and Technology, and exceptional links with the dynamic creative industries we serve, our purpose is to:-

  • Transform the lives of our diverse student population, through a unique specialist educational experience which combines an imaginative blend of tools, practices and techniques
  • Harness creative talent by delivering the skills that enable people to flourish as innovative, self-sustaining practitioners
  • Bridge gaps and move with agility between industry and education
  • Link research with real-world application as a world-leader in the creative exploitation of emerging technologies in order to deliver sustainable, positive, social and economic change


Ravensbourne’s activities are founded on three core values:-

  • Be creative

We provide a provocative, dynamic learning environment where students are challenged to become visionary professionals of the future. Working collaboratively and purposefully, we approach our endeavours with a mind-set that is open and receptive to challenge. We empower our staff and students not just to imagine, but also to create, the future.

  • Be integrated with industry

We value a rich and sustained engagement with our industry partners. This drives our practice-based approach to learning and teaching, research and knowledge exchange. We support creative leadership and innovation through partnerships, conversations and connections with industry. These reflect the professional and collaborative nature of our staff and the employability of our students.

  • Be inclusive

We take pride in a culture that anticipates, supports and celebrates equality of opportunity. Reflecting the diversity of our local community, we are proactive and holistic in our approach to promoting social mobility, internationalisation,  and inclusion, enabling change beyond Ravensbourne, to the socio-economic profile of practitioners in the creative industries.

Amazing things happen here